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"There's no instruction manual for dreaming, no rule book for how to move the blood through your veins. But how would those texts read if there were? Ypsilanti trio Modern Lady Fitness manages to draft a new chapter for the Official Handbook For Proper Dreaming with each song on new album Awake. Understated and grid-like, this is pop at its most restrained and focused, with straight-ahead and plainspoken rock vibes detouring into valleys of glassy-eyed psychedelia so smoothly it flies under the radar the first few listens. Like how the acoustic bounce of "Growing Veins" melts into a blissed out soundtrack for a spaceship landing not even a minute in, never returning to those upbeat beginnings but just lingering in a haunted meadow until it's gone. "Bridge" sounds like Marc Bolan passing PJ Harvey on an empty street, both of them making uncomfortable eye contact, wondering if they should say anything, both deciding it may be better to keep walking. "O Dreams" stays at a strange boiling point, a dream diary that reaches more unfathomable/purely imagined places in its song structure than with its lyrics retelling alien encounters and meeting the president's wife. The ten tracks here should make no sense together; the various spooky moods, non-repeating parts and tentacle-like song ideas should sound like a sixteen car pile up caused by a misspelled breakup text sent while driving. But no, like any dream retold in the waking world, the lines of time and gravity become liquid, the faces are changed but the identities are unmistakable and each strange piece clicks together into a buzzing, unevenly perfect whole."

-Fred Thomas


released September 28, 2016

Morgan Cox- drums/vocals
Chris Sandon- guitar/keys/vocals
Craig Johnson - bass

additional vocals by Casey and Ryan Dawson

additional instrumentation by Dave Niles

recorded by Dave Niles at High Bias studios in Detroit, MI
w/ assistance by Nicolas Albert

additional recording and mixing by Dave Niles at Driverside Studios in Ann Arbor, MI

mastered by Rishi Daftuar at Baseline Audio in Ann Arbor, MI

dedicated to D.C.



all rights reserved


Modern Lady Fitness Ypsilanti, Michigan


Chris Sandon
Morgan Cox
Craig Johnson

with help from our friends <3

Dave Niles
Nicolas Albert
Casey Dawson
Ryan Dawson
Nick Clark
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Track Name: Wave
we are in love with the falling stars
they are our night lights in the dark
as we wait
we wait for the sun
they are the sparks that keep us warm

we awake with sore hearts
we rise, we rise
we ride at dawn
we're looking for the perfect place to dive
we chase, we chase, we chase the sun

we arrive at the coast at dusk
drunk with excitement
take our clothes off
into the perfect wave we dive
then float out into the setting sun

we float out into the setting sun

it's important to remember
that nothings gonna last


Track Name: Growing Veins
got to keep ourselves movin'
lets grow some veins

we've got to keep our cells movin'
lets grow some veins

a psychic hearts got a dream
for you
Track Name: Bridge
i like the way that you walk
i like the way that you talk
all in the ways we have fun
our glasses half-filled with the sun

you are my girl

lets roll around
lets get all sandy

i like the way that you talk
i like the way that you walk
i like the way that you move
i like the shape of your moon

you are my world
and I'm seeing stars

they're gold

we're on a bridge with no end
it's gold

let's go
Track Name: Undertaker
all of the babes are bathing in light
seasoned with salt
rinsed in the tide

their lips to our faces
saving our lives

from the undertaker
the undertaker
all of the men are marching in line
they march to the moon
march to their nights
breaking their brains
& saving our lives

the undertaker
the undertakers

we're never gonna go the same way twice

the undertaker
the undertakers
Track Name: O Dreams
i had a dream I met the president's wife
i took her by the hand and tried to maker her understand
how glad I was to have her in my life

then I got lost in a barrel elevator
it took me up, it took me down
tossed me all around
and left me in a foreign country side

i’m always dreaming about meeting aliens
i dream about meeting martians
i try to play it cool, but even when I do
they always seems to get freaked out!

and then they tell me
lesbians created the sea
Track Name: Awake
it's going around
going around

they want the girls to stay with girls
to stay with girls to stay away

it's going around
going around

they want the boys to stay with boys
to stay with boys to stay away.

they want the girls to stay with boys want boys to stay girls
want the girl boys to stay awake.

the sun burns
Track Name: Honey Bare
I want you
say yeah

you're so lovely
so lovely and fair

i want you
say yeah

some call it fur
i call it hair

you be the smoke
i'll be the bear

you are the one honey
you are the one I need
Track Name: Dull Drums (explicit)
love has a beat
a dull drum

under the full moon
they fuck liked the sun
and they beat
the dull drums

where do you come from
where do I come from
where do we come from

fuck it
we say fuck it

lets make some fun
Track Name: Home (Red Eye)
we're on a dumb cruise
an island of free booze



we're building our own sun
a pink, glowing coffin
we’re building our own sun
face sprayed with palm blood

our friend


we’re on an ocean map
we're on a ship wreck



red eye